Born in Istanbul, Yasemin was born into the arts. In a city that hosted three empires, it was undoubtedly her environment as a child that inspired her life track into becoming a designer. Yasemin was always fascinated by the human body and its sensory relations in the field of built environment. Subsequently, her desire to create unique spatial experiences brought her to London to study Architecture.

Yasemin’s constant search for sensory meaning in everyday objects inspired her to experiment with colours, textures and structures on her own – and so the brand was born. Her designs reflect the harmony of contrasts – softness and rigidity, abstract and material, lightness and heaviness – through the use of materials such as marble, onyx, brass, velvet and through thoughtful colour combinations that evoke countless emotions. Yasemin believes furniture should be reflecting one’s personal perception of the world, therefore customisation is at the heart of the brand. Each piece is hand-crafted in a small artisanal atelier in Istanbul; thus, each piece is unique in its own essence.